Seat heater (if equipped)

The seat heater is equipped in the front

The seat heater is equipped in the front seats.

The seat heater operates when the ignition switch is in the “ON” position.

The seat heater can be adjusted in three levels. Press the button to activate the seat heater. Each subsequent press of the button will reduce the level. Pushing the button four times or keeping the button pressed for approximately 1 second will turn the heater off. While the seat heater is operating, its operating level is shown by the number of illuminated indicators. To warm the seat as quickly as possible, set the heater with three indicators illuminated.

When the vehicle’s interior is warmed enough or before you leave the vehicle, always turn the switch off.


There is a possibility that people with delicate skin may suffer slight burns even at low temperatures if they use the seat heater for a long period of time. When using the heater, always be sure to warn the persons concerned.

Do not put anything on the seat which insulates against heat, such as a blanket, cushion, or similar items. This may cause the seat heater to overheat.


Use of the seat heater for a long period of time while the engine is not running can cause battery discharge.