Second-row seats



Seatbelts provide maximum restraint when the occupant sits well back and upright in the seat.

Do not put cushions or any other materials between occupants and seatbacks or seat cushions.

If you do so, the risk of sliding under the lap belt and of the lap belt sliding up over the abdomen will increase, and both can result in serious internal injury or death.

Never adjust the seat while driving.

Doing so is dangerous as the seat could move rapidly and you could be injured.

Before adjusting the seat, make sure the hands and feet of the third-row seat passengers are clear of the adjusting mechanism.

After adjusting the seat, push it slightly to make sure it is securely locked. If the seat is not securely locked, it may move or the seatbelt may not operate properly.

Do not put objects under the second-row seats. They may interfere with the seat locking and cause an unexpected accident.



Never stack luggage or other cargo higher than the top of the seatback because it could tumble forward and injure passengers in the event of a sudden stop or accident.