Automatic climate control system


Operate the automatic climate control system when the engine is running.

The blower fan rotates at a low speed when the engine coolant temperature is low.

For efficient defogging or dehumidifying in cold weather, press the “A/C” button.

The vehicle has a rear air conditioner.

The fan speed of the rear air conditioner can be adjusted, but other adjustments (outlet air temperature, air distribution, etc.) are not possible for the rear air conditioner. For details, refer to “Rear air conditioner”.

The automatic climate control system automatically controls outlet air temperature, fan speed, airflow distribution, air inlet control, and air conditioner compressor operation. It activates when the “AUTO” button is pressed, and is used to maintain a constant, comfortable climate within the passenger compartment.

The temperature can be set within a range of 65 to 858F (18 to 328C).