Using the cover

1. Insert the seatbelt webbing into the

1. Insert the seatbelt webbing into the holder of the third-row seat.

2. Fold down the seatback of the thirdrow seat. Refer to “Folding down the seatback”.

3. To extend the cover, pull the end of the

3. To extend the cover, pull the end of the cover out of the housing, then insert its hooks into the catches as shown. To rewind it, unhook it from the catches and it will rewind automatically. You should hold on to the cover and guide it back into the cover housing while it is rewinding.


Do not place anything on the extended cover. Putting excessive weight on the extended cover can break it and an object on the cover could tumble forward in the event of a sudden stop or collision. This could cause serious injury.


Be careful not to pinch your hand between the headrest and the cargo area cover when you recline the second-row seat.

Be careful not to scratch the rear gate stays while extending and rewinding the cover.

Scratches on the stays could cause leakage of gas from the stays, which may result in their inability to hold the rear gate open.


When the head restraint is adjusted at the rearmost position of the seat with the seatback leaned back, the head restraint comes in contact with the cargo area cover. In this case, raise the seatback before adjusting the head restraint.

If the head restraint is correctly fixed in any of the lock positions, the head restraint does not contact the cargo area cover even when the seatback is reclined.