Operating range for push-button start system



If the access key is not detected within the operating range of the antennas inside the vehicle, the pushbutton ignition switch and the engine start cannot be operated.

Even when the access key is outside the vehicle, if it is placed too close to the glass, it may be possible to switch the power or to start the engine.

Do not leave the access key in the following places. It may become impossible to operate the push-button ignition switch and the engine start.

– On the instrument panel – On the floor
– Inside the glove box
– Inside the door trim pocket – On the rear seat
– At the corner of the cargo area When operating the push-button ignition switch or starting the engine, if the access key battery is discharged, perform the procedure described in “Access key – if access key does not operate properly” . In such a case, replace the battery immediately.

Refer to “Replacing access key battery” F11-43.