Select lever

The select lever has four positions, “P”,

The select lever has four positions, “P”, “R”, “N”, “D” and also has manual gate for using “SPORT” mode or manual mode.

▲ P (Park)

P (Park)

This position is for parking the vehicle and starting the engine.

In this position, the transmission is mechanically locked to prevent the vehicle from rolling freely.

When you park the vehicle, first set the parking brake fully, then shift into the “P” position. Do not hold the vehicle with only the transmission.

To shift the select lever from the “P” to any other position, you have to depress the brake pedal fully then push the select lever button on the lever knob when the ignition switch is in the “ON” position. This prevents the vehicle from lurching when it is started.

If the select lever does not move from the “P” position with the brake pedal depressed, the select lever button pushed in, and the ignition switch in the ON position, refer to “Shift lock function” F7- 14.

R (Reverse)

This position is for backing the vehicle.

To shift from the “N” to “R” position, stop the vehicle completely then move the lever to the “R” position while pushing the select lever button.

N (Neutral)

This position is for restarting a stalled engine.

In this position the wheels and transmission are not locked. In this position, the transmission is neutral; the vehicle will roll freely, even on the slightest incline unless the parking brake or foot brake is applied.

Avoid coasting with the transmission neutral.

During coasting, there is no engine braking effect.


When the ignition switch has been turned to the “LOCK” position, movement of the select lever from the “N” position to the “R” position is possible for a limited time period by depressing the brake pedal and then becomes impossible. If the select lever becomes impossible to be moved after a limited time period, turn the ignition switch to the “ON” position. You will then be able to move the select lever to the “P” position.


Do not drive the vehicle with the select lever in the “N” (Neutral) position. Engine braking has no effect in this condition and the risk of an accident is consequently increased.

D (Drive)

This position is for normal driving.

The transmission automatically shifts into a suitable gear from 1st to 5th according to the vehicle speed and the acceleration you require.

When more acceleration is required in this position, depress the accelerator pedal fully to the floor and hold that position. The transmission will automatically downshift to 4th, 3rd, 2nd or 1st gear. When you release the pedal, the transmission will return to the original gear position.

To use the SPORT mode, move the lever from this position into the manual gate.

To use the manual mode, move the lever from this position into the manual gate then move it toward the “+” end or “−” end.

While climbing a grade

When driving up a hill, undesired upshift to 4th or 5th gear is prevented from taking place when the accelerator is released.

This minimizes the chance of subsequent downshifting to a lower gear when accelerating again. This prevents repeated upshifting and downshifting resulting in a smoother operation of the vehicle.


The transmission may downshift to 2nd or 1st gear, depending on the way the accelerator pedal is depressed to accelerate the vehicle again.