OFF delay timer

The following lights have an automatic illumination function.

dome light map light cargo area light

After being illuminated automatically, these lights remain on for several seconds and then gradually turn off under the following conditions.

after all doors and the rear gate are closed (dome light)
after all doors are closed (map light) after the rear gate is closed (cargo area light)

While the lights are illuminated, if any of the following operations are performed, the lights turn off immediately.

The ignition switch is turned from the “LOCK”/“OFF” position to the “ACC” or “ON” position.

All doors and the rear gate are locked using the keyless access function (if equipped).

All doors and the rear gate are locked using the remote keyless entry system.

The setting for the period of time in which the lights remain on (OFF delay timer) can be changed by a SUBARU dealer. Contact your SUBARU dealer for details. For models with multi function display, the setting can be changed by operating the multi function display. For details, refer to “Interior light off delay timer setting” F3- 75.