Entering the vehicle while it is running via remote start

1. Unlock the vehicle doors using the keyless access function (if equipped) or remote keyless entry system. If the vehicle’s doors are unlocked manually using the key, the vehicle’s alarm system will trigger (if the alarm system is armed prior to activating the remote engine start system) and the engine will turn off.

Perform either of the following procedures to disarm the alarm system. Refer to “Alarm system” .

Insert the key into the ignition switch and turn it to the “ON” position (models without “keyless access with pushbutton start system”)
Turn the push-button ignition switch to the “ACC” or “ON” position (models with “keyless access with push-button start system”)
Press any button on the access key/ remote keyless entry transmitter.

2. Enter the vehicle.

3. The engine will shut down when any door or rear gate is opened.

4. For models without “keyless access with push-button start system”, insert the key into the ignition switch and turn to the “START” position to restart the engine. For models with “keyless access with pushbutton start system”, press the pushbutton ignition switch while depressing the brake pedal to restart the engine.