Sport Sharp (S#) mode

For maximum performance driving

For sports-minded drivers, the Sport

For sports-minded drivers, the Sport Sharp (S#) mode offers an exhilarating level of engine performance and control.

The throttle becomes more responsive regardless of the engine speed. Delivering maximum driving enjoyment, this mode is ideal for tackling twisting roads and for merging or overtaking other vehicles on the freeway with confidence.

When you select the Sport Sharp (S#) mode while the select lever is in the “D” position, the transmission gear ratio will shift from variable speed to eight-speed.

The select lever/gear position indicator display will change from “D” to the gear position.

When selecting Sport Sharp (S#) mode, the following controls will be applied.

Uphill control

: Prevents unnecessary shift-up/shift-down during ascent.

Cornering control:

While turning, if there is a large centrifugal force, shift-up will not occur: during re-acceleration.

Braking control:

At the beginning of corners etc., heavy application of the brake pedal will cause automatic downshift and gently re-accelerate.

Sudden acceleration return control:

During acceleration, if acceleration pedal is returned suddenly (for example, at corners etc.), shift-up will not be applied.