Disarming the system

Briefly press the “ (for less than” button
(for less than 2 seconds) on the remote transmitter. The driver’s door will unlock, an electronic chirp will sound twice, the turn signal lights will flash twice. The flashing of the security indicator light will then change slowly (once approximately every 3 seconds from twice approximately every 2 seconds), indicating that the alarm system has been disarmed.

After disarming the alarm system, briefly press the “ second” button a
second time within 5 seconds to unlock all other doors and the rear gate (5-door).

Emergency disarming

If you cannot disarm the system using the transmitter (i.e. the transmitter is lost, broken or the transmitter battery is too weak), you can disarm the system without using the transmitter as follows.

Turn the ignition switch from the “LOCK” to the “ON” position with a registered key.