Engine low oil level warning light

This light illuminates when the engine oil level decreases to the lower limit. The illuminating conditions and remaining oil quantity are as follows.

when the ignition switch is in the “ON” position but the engine is not running: approximately 2.2 US qt (2.1 liters, 1.8 Imp qt)
while the engine is running: approximately 3.8 US qt (3.6 liters, 3.2 Imp qt) If the engine low oil level warning light illuminates while driving, park the vehicle in a safe and level location, and then check the engine oil level. When the engine oil level is not within the normal range, refill with engine oil. Refer to “Engine oil”.

If the warning light does not turn off after refilling the engine oil, or the warning light illuminates even though the engine oil level is within the normal range, have the vehicle checked by a SUBARU dealer.


After replacing or adding the engine oil, if the engine oil level is within the normal range when restarting the engine on a level surface, the warning light will turn off.

The warning light may illuminate temporarily in the following conditions because a low oil level may be detected as a result of significant oil movement in the engine.

– when the vehicle is considerably inclined on an uphill or steep slope – when the vehicle has continuously accelerated and decelerated – when the vehicle is continuously turned
– when the vehicle is driven on a road that alternates continuously between uphill and downhill