Top tether anchorages

Your vehicle is equipped with three top tether anchorages so that a child restraint system having a top tether can be installed in the rear seat. When installing a child restraint system using top tether, proceed as follows, while observing the instructions by the child restraint system manufacturer.

Since a top tether can provide additional stability by offering another connection between a child restraint system and the vehicle, we recommend that you use a top tether whenever one is required or available.

Anchorage location

Three upper anchorages are installed on

Three upper anchorages are installed on the back side of the rear seatback.

To hook the top tether


Remove the head restraint when mounting a child restraint system.

Otherwise, it might be possible that the top tether cannot be fastened tightly.

Store the head restraint that has been removed in the cargo area.

Avoid placing the head restraint in the passenger compartment to prevent it from being thrown around in the passenger compartment in a sudden stop or a sharp turn.

1. Remove the head restraint of the rear seating position where the child restraint system is to be installed. For details, refer to “Head restraint adjustment” F1-9.

2. For models with rear seat reclining mechanism, adjust the seatback to the upright position.

3. Attach the top tether hook to the

3. Attach the top tether hook to the appropriate upper anchorage.

4. Tighten the top tether securely.

Please contact your SUBARU dealer if you have any question regarding the installation of a child restraint system.