Temperature control

Type A

Turn the temperature control dial over a range from the blue side (cool) to red side (warm) to regulate the temperature of airflow from the air outlets.

Type B, C and D

Turn the temperature control dial to set the preferred interior temperature. With the dial set to your preferred temperature, the system automatically adjusts the temperature of air supplied from the outlets so that the preferred temperature is achieved and maintained.

If the dial is turned fully counterclockwise, the system provides maximum cooling performance. If the dial is turned fully clockwise, the system provides maximum heating performance.

For type D, when the “DUAL” mode button is pressed, separate temperature settings for the driver’s side and passenger’s side can be enabled (DUAL mode). To cancel the DUAL mode, press the “DUAL” mode button again. The temperature setting for the passenger’s side becomes the same as the setting for the driver’s side.

The controllable temperature range may vary depending on the regional specifications of the vehicle.