Type D

Select the “the ” mode by pressing
the defroster button, or select the “mode
mode by pressing the airflow mode selection button to defrost or dehumidify the windshield and front door windows.

When the “

” mode is” or “

” mode is
” mode is selected, the air conditioner compressor operates automatically regardless of the position of the air conditioner button to defrost the windshield more quickly. However the indicator on the air conditioner button will not illuminate.

At the same time, the air inlet selection is automatically set to the outside air mode.

For type A climate control system, in this state: – You cannot stop the air conditioner compressor by pressing the air conditioner button.

– You cannot select the recirculation mode by pressing the air inlet selection button.

For type C and D climate control system, after defrosting the windshield by pressing the defroster button “ ”, pressing the button again returns the system to the setting that had been selected before the defroster was activated.