Engine oil

For the checking, adding and replacing procedure or other details, refer to “Engine oil”.


The procedure for changing the engine oil and oil filter should be performed by a properly-trained expert. It is recommended that you have this service performed by your SUBARU dealer.

Approved engine oil

Always use the SUBARU approved engine oil. For further details, please contact your SUBARU dealer.

If the approved engine oil is unavailable, use the alternative engine oil described on the next page.

Alternative engine oil

If the SUBARU approved oil is unavailable, the following alternative oil can be used.


Each quantity indicated is only a guideline. The necessary quantity for replacement may differ slightly depending on the temperature and other factors.

In choosing an oil, you want the proper quality and viscosity, as well as one that will enhance fuel economy. Oils of lower viscosity provide better fuel economy. However, in hot weather, oil of higher viscosity is required to properly lubricate the engine. The following table lists the recommended viscosities and applicable temperatures.

When adding oil, different brands may be used together as long as they are the same API classification and SAE viscosity as those recommended by SUBARU.

Front differential and rear differential gear oil