Connectable USB storage device

Mass storage class USB memory can be connected. USB storage devices that can be played back are accompanied by the following restrictions.

Maximum directory layers: 8 layers (including the ROOT)
Maximum number of files in a folder: 255
Maximum number of folders: 512 (type A audio)/255 (type B audio) (including the ROOT)
Maximum number of files on the device: 130,560 (type A audio)/2,500 (type B audio)


HUB class USB memory cannot be played.

ATAPI subclass USB cannot be played.

For type A audio, High Speed USB 2.0 cannot be played.

A USB memory that is powered by a source other than the USB power supply (for example, an AC power adapter, etc.) cannot be operated.

A USB memory that is connected to the memory card reader or multi card reader cannot be operated.

If the USB memory consists of two drives or more, the system will recognize only one of the drives after connecting the USB memory.

The contents stored on the USB memory may not be played in the same order as they appear on a personal computer.

A personal computer cannot be used even if it is connected to the system using a USB cable.

If the USB memory has a security function, the contents stored on the USB memory cannot be played by the system.

A USB memory and an iPod® cannot be connected to the system at the same time.