Rear view camera (if equipped)

A rear view camera is attached to the

A rear view camera is attached to the trunk lid or rear gate. When the ignition switch is “ON” and the shift lever (MT models) or select lever (CVT models) is set to “R”, the rear view camera automatically displays the rear view image behind the vehicle on one of the following displays.

Navigation display (if equipped)

Multifunction display (if equipped)

Type B audio display (if equipped)

Since the rear view camera uses a wide-angle lens, the image on the monitor is different from the actual view in terms of distance.

Since the range of the image on the monitor is limited, you should always check the rear view and the surrounding area with your eyes and mirrors, and move backward at a slow speed. Moving backward only by checking the rear view image from the camera could cause an accident.

Do not disassemble or modify the camera, switch or wiring. If smoke comes out or you smell a strange odor, stop using the rear view camera immediately.

Contact your SUBARU dealer for an inspection. Continued use may result in accident, fire or electric shock.

If your vehicle is washed with a high-pressure washer, do not allow water to contact the camera directly. Entry of water in the camera lens may result in condensation, malfunction, fire or electric shock.

Since the camera is a precision device, do not subject it to strong impacts. Otherwise, malfunction, fire or electric shock may occur.

If mud or snow sticks to or is frozen on the camera, you must be very careful when removing it.

Otherwise, damage to the camera may cause a fire or electric shock. Pour water or lukewarm water over the camera to remove mud and ice, and wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.

Do not put a flame close to the camera or wiring. Otherwise, damage or fire may occur.

When replacing the fuse, be sure to use a fuse with the specified rating. Use of a fuse with a different rating may result in a malfunction.

If the rear view camera is used for a long time while the engine is not operated, the battery may become completely discharged.

Do not wipe the camera with alcohol, benzine or paint thinner. Otherwise, discoloration may occur. To remove contamination, wipe the camera with a cloth moistened with a diluted neutral detergent and then wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.

When waxing the vehicle, be careful not to apply the wax to the camera. If it comes in contact with the camera, moisten a clean cloth with a diluted neutral detergent to remove the wax.

The camera lens has a hard coating to help prevent scratches. However, when washing the vehicle or cleaning the camera lens, be careful not to scratch the camera lens. Do not use a washing brush directly on the camera lens. The image quality of the rear view camera may deteriorate.

Strong light shined on the camera lens may develop vertical lines around the light source. This is not a malfunction.

Under fluorescent light, the display may flicker. However, this is not a malfunction.

The image of the rear view camera may be slightly different from the actual color of the objects.