Reclining the seatback



To prevent the passenger from sliding under the seatbelt in the event of a collision, always put the seatback in the upright position while the vehicle is in motion. Also, do not place objects such as cushions between the passenger and the seatback. If you do so, the risk of sliding under the lap belt and of the lap belt sliding up over the abdomen will increase, and both can result in serious internal injury or death.


Never allow the third-row seat passengers to adjust the seatback of the second row. Doing so is dangerous as the seatback will tilt rapidly and could injure the passengers.

If the cargo area cover is equipped, be careful not to pinch your hand between the headrest and the cargo area cover when you recline the seatback.

Pull the lever up and adjust the seatback

Pull the lever up and adjust the seatback to the desired position.

Then release the lever and make sure the seatback is securely locked into place.