Multi function display (if equipped)


If your vehicle is equipped with an information display (monochrome), refer to “Information display” .


Always pay adequate attention to safe driving when operating the multi function display while the vehicle is in motion. When operation of the multi-function display is disturbing your awareness and ability to concentrate on driving, stop the vehicle in a safe place before performing operations on the screen.

Also, do not concentrate on the display while driving. Doing so may cause you to look away from the road and could result in an accident.

The multi function display has the following functions.

Also, the multi function display can also be

Also, the multi function display can also be used to set and initialize the multi function display itself.

Multi function display

Multi function display

1) Outside temperature indicator 2) Information reminder
3) Top display (For the display setting, refer to “Top display setting” .) 4) Clock
5) Driving information display (For the displayed contents, refer to “Basic screens”)